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Our company is manufacturing Resistance Temperature Detector (RTDs) since 1974 in India. We are manufacturing various RTDs as per costumer specification. Our RTDs are used in sensing the temperature of winding & bearing of motors, generators, turbines, Industrial furnaces & ovens. We are manufacturing various type of platinum, copper & Nickel RTDs. Our customers list includes some well known electric motors, turbines & generators manufacturers.

We are also manufacturing wide range of Thermocouple, PTFE (Teflon) insulated wires & cables, PTFE Sleeves & PTFE tapes.

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PTFE Product


  • Address: D-11, Industrial Estate,
    Roorkee- 247667 Uttarakhand, INDIA
  • Email: info@processcontrols.in
  • Website: www.processcontrols.in
  • Phone no: +91 9897 250447